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    Turkije arresteert 15 Arabieren die werken voor de Israelische Mossad.

    The Turkish intelligence agency (MIT)*has*arrested 15 men accused of spying for Israel's foreign intelligence agency (Mossad) in Turkey, including Palestinians who had been*missing in Turkey since*September,*Middle East Eye can reveal.*

    On Thursday, the*Sabah*newspaper first reported that MIT had rounded up 15*men who were allegedly organised into three-person cells across the country.*

    Sabah did not confirm the men's nationalities, but said they were of "Arab" origin and tasked with collecting information on Turkish officials and Palestinian students inside Turkey.*

    Two people who are familiar with the arrests confirmed to*MEE that the men have been arrested on charges of "espionage and working for Mossad to gather information on Palestinian citizens living in Turkey".

    MEE understands that six Palestinians who have been*reported missing*in Turkey since last month are among those arrested.

    One of the alleged "Arab" spies whose name appeared in*Sabah's report with the initial "M" matched*with the data*MEE has obtained*about*one of the six missing Palestinians.

    In a phone interview with MEE, the brother of the alleged Mossad operative said that M called him a few days ago and asked him to hire*a lawyer for him because he was in*the custody of Turkish security forces.

    "I heard what they are saying in the press about my brother and other Palestinians. It's all false.*We don't know*the truth yet," he said.* "The*lawyer informed us that it's a misunderstanding*and he will be probably*released soon."

    M has lived in Turkey*for the past nine years and was studying at a medical school in Konya where*he was supposed*to graduate in two months. According to his brother, M is now held in*international police custody in Istanbul.

    A friend of the family told MEE*that M's family in the West Bank is "shocked" and does not know why he would*be involved in*espionage, especially as they are well established financially.*

    The suspected Mossad agents had been spying on Palestinian students who had the potential to work in the defence industry and communicated through public phones, according to Sabah.*

    An Israeli source close to the Israeli security establishment told MEE that this ring must be working for both Israel's internal security service, Shin Bet, and Mossad to spy on students who are studying in areas that could be useful for the Palestinian political group Hamas.

    Over a year, MIT said the cells were tasked with collecting information on how Palestinians could enter Turkish universities and the type of opportunities provided by the Turkish government to Palestinians.*
    One of the cells was allegedly in close contact with Mossad and held regular meetings to exchange information.*

    According to Turkish Intelligence, the agents met face to face with Mossad officials abroad, in cities across Europe and Africa. Among the cities where the agents met were Zagreb, Bucharest, Zurich and Nairobi.*

    MIT said the network used ProtonMail, SafeUM, and WhatsApp to send files and information to Mossad officials abroad.*



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    Israëlische ambassade Ankara bolwerk van Mossad net zoals elke ambassade

    Snappie nou erdo Fanboy?
    ⇩ Ware gezicht van kabalah regime ⇩


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    Goed zo. Oppakken die zionisten!!!!

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    Ze zijn scherper en wakker geworden na de debacle met Saudiers.

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    Waarom vindt het beheer van deze site het goed dat 50% van de topics erdogay propaganda is?

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    If you 'don't know', Allah knows.

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    Citaat Geplaatst door Anti-Soortisme Bekijk reactie
    Waarom vindt het beheer van deze site het goed dat 50% van de topics erdogay propaganda is?
    Nieuws is nieuws. Als je zin hebt dan mag je ook de dingen plaatsen die jouw interesse wekken.
    If you 'don't know', Allah knows.