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    Marokko verwerpt onafhankelijkheid verklaring Azulonië in Spanje

    Morocco Officially Rejects ‘Irresponsible’ Catalonia Independence Declaration

    Rabat – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has announced that Morocco “rejects the unilateral process of independence of Catalonia,” expressing its commitment to the “sovereignty, national unity, and territorial integrity of Spain.”

    The announcement comes after the president of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, said that the autonomous region would postpone the declaration of independence from Spain “for a few weeks, to open a period of dialogue,” despite having the support of 90 percent of voters in the referendum earlier this month.

    The Moroccan ministry said that the independence of Catalonia is “irresponsible and unsustainable,” as well as a source of instability and division not only in Spain but throughout Europe.

    The statement added that Morocco is confident in the ability of the Spanish government to “wisely manage the situation” in orderto preserve constitutional order and to act in the supreme interest of the Spanish nation and the European continent.

    The Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation concluded saying that “the Kingdom of Morocco does not recognize the unilateral process [of the referendum], which contradicts international law.”


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    حياكم الله


    Ze verdienen een kogel door de kwab kk separisten.