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    IrjĀ’ – the most dangerous bid’ah

    The Salaf who witnessed the emergence of Irjā’ warned against it early on. They knew that it would lead to
    abandonment of both learning and practicing the religion.

    Sa’īd Ibn Jubayr (rahimahullāh – d. 95AH) said, “The Murji’ah are the Jews of the Qiblah”

    [AsSunnah – ‘Abdullāh Ibn al-Imām Ahmad].

    {The Murji’ah invented a religion whose followers expect to enter Jannah while completely abandoning
    the essential deeds of Īmān (the four pillars of Islam after the testimony of faith) and claiming to affirm its words!
    Accordingly, they are similar to the deluded Jews who {believe in part of the Scripture and disbelieve in part} [Al-Baqarah: 85]
    and say, {“We hear and disobey”} [Al-Baqarah: 93], yet they declare, {“Never will the Fire touch us except for a few days”} [Al-Baqarah: 80]
    and {“We will be forgiven”} [Al-A’rāf: 169].

    The Salaf also compared Irjā’ to Christianity, as some of them were reported to have said,
    “Be wary of Irjā’ for it is an aspect of Christianity” [Al-Lālikā’ī].

    This is because the Christians, like the Jews, claim salvation is attainable by mere words with absolutely
    no deeds to back those words; Allah (ta’ālā) responded to the Jews by saying,

    {Say, “Have you taken a covenant with Allah? For Allah will never break His covenant.

    Or do you say about Allah that which you do not know?” Yes, whoever earns evil and his sin has encompassed him –
    those are the companions of the Fire; they will abide therein eternally.
    But they who believe and do righteous deeds – those are the companions of Paradise;
    they will abide therein eternally} [Al-Baqarah: 80-82].

    He (ta’ālā) responded to the Christians as well as the Jews by saying, {And they say,

    “None will enter Paradise except one who is a Jew or a Christian.
    ” That is [merely] their wishful thinking, Say, “Produce your proof, if you should be truthful.”

    Yes on the contrary, whoever submits his face in Islam to Allah while being a doer of good will have his reward
    with his Lord. And no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve} [Al-Baqarah: 111-112].

    See also Sūrat an-Nisā’, verses 123-124.

    The Jews and Christians both declared that the mere claim of faith in their messengers was sufficient to save them
    from Hellfire while they abandoned the essential implications of this faith, which was for them to follow the final
    Prophet Muhammad (sallallAhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) in both words and deeds, as he was prophesized in their scriptures.
    Finally, Allah’s mercy and forgiveness is not an excuse to commit sins and injustices never mind shirk and kufr!}

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    The Salaf and Their Severe Warning Against Irja’

    Ibrāhīm an-Nakha’ī (rahimahullāh – d. 96AH) said,

    “I fear the fitnah of the Murji’ah for this Ummah more than
    the fitnah of the Azāriqah [a sect of the Khawārij]”

    [As-Sunnah – ‘Abdullāh Ibn al-Imām Ahmad].

    He also said, “I fear the Murji’ah for the people of Islam more than their number of the Azāriqah”

    [As-Sunnah – ‘Abdullāh Ibn al-Imām Ahmad].

    He also said, “In my opinion, the Khawārij are more excused than the Murji’ah”

    [As-Sunnah – ‘Abdullāh Ibn al-Imām Ahmad].

    He also said, “The Murji’ah left the religion of limsier than a very thin garment”

    [As-Sunnah – ‘Abdullāh Ibn al-Imām Ahmad].

    He also said, “The Murji’ah invented an opinion, so I fear them for the Ummah. The evil from them is great,
    so be very wary of them” [Ash-Sharī’ah – Al-Ājurrī].

    He also said, “I don’t know of a more foolish people by way of their opinion than these Murji’ah”
    [As-Sunnah – ‘Abdullāh Ibn al-Imām Ahmad].

    Qatādah (rahimahullāh – d. 118AH) and Yahyā Ibn Abī Kathīr (rahimahullāh – d. 129AH) both said,

    “There is no deviance more feared by us for the Ummah than Irjā’”

    [As-Sunnah – ‘Abdullāh Ibn al-Imām Ahmad].

    Muhammad Ibn ‘Alī Ibn al-Husayn (rahimahullāh – d. 118AH) said, “There is nothing in day or night more similar to the Jews than the Murji’ah” [AlLālikā’ī].

    Az-Zuhrī (rahimahullāh – d. 124AH) said, “No deviance was innovated after the advent of Islam more harmful to its people than Irjā’”

    [AshSharī’ah – Al-Ājurrī].

    Mansūr Ibn al-Mu’tamir (rahimahullāh – d. 133AH) said, “The Murji’ah and the Rāfidah are the enemies of Allah”


    Mughīrah ad-Dabbī (rahimahullāh – d. 133AH) said, “By Allah who there is no god but He, I fear the Murji’ah more than the fussāq [sinful] for this religion”

    [As-Sunnah – ‘Abdullāh Ibn al-Imām Ahmad].

    Al-A’mash (rahimahullāh – d. 148AH) said, “By Allah who there is no god but He, I do not know of anyone more evil than the Murji’ah” [As-Sunnah – ‘Abdullāh Ibn al-Imām Ahmad].

    Sufyān ath-Thawrī (rahimahullāh – d. 161AH) said, “The religion of Irjā’ is an innovated religion”

    [As-Sunnah – Al-Khallāl].

    He also said, while turning the pages of the Qur’ān, “No one is farther from it [the Qur’ān] than the Murji’āh”


    Sharīk (rahimahullāh – d. 177AH) said, “The Murji’ah are the filthiest people.
    The Rāfidah were filthy enough, but the Murji’ah lie against Allah”

    [As-Sunnah – ‘Abdullāh Ibn al-Imām Ahmad].

    Ibnul-Mubārak (rahimahullāh – d. 181AH) was asked, “Who emerges first, the Dajjāl or the Beast?”
    He replied, “The Jahmī so-and-so being appointed as a judge over Bukhārā is more severe for the Muslims
    than the emergence of the Beast or the Dajjāl!” The judge was from the extreme Murji’ah

    [As-Sunnah – ‘Abdullāh Ibn al-Imām Ahmad].

    An-Nadr Ibn Shumayl (rahimahullāh – d. 204AH) was asked about Irjā’ so he answered,
    “It is a religion in agreement with the desires of the kings by which the Murji’ah obtain some
    of the kings’ dunyā and lose some of their own religion”

    [Al-Bidāyah wan-Nihāyah].

    [ The Murji’ah of the past – by diluting the religion and downplaying the danger of sins –
    gave the Muslim kings justification to commit more sins and injustices. Some of the contemporary Murji’ah justified
    for the modern-day tawāghīt the legislation of manmade laws and allying with the Jews, Christians, pagans, and apostates against the Muslims.]

    If the Salaf warned so severely against Irjā’, how can this innovation be so grossly ignored by the Muslims?

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    Imam Ahmed Ibn Hanbal said in Tabaqat al-Hanabilah (2/226):

    تقربوا إلى الله تعالى ببغض أهل الإرجاء

    Get closer to Allah The Exalted by hating the people of Irja‘ (I.e. the Murji'ah).

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    Ze haat khawarij ook. Dat moet ge wete.

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