Bekijk volle/desktop versie : The Untold Islamic History

06-12-2015, 16:36

âBlack peteâ, âslaveryâ, âcolonialismâ, âracismâ, terms we encounter frequently these days. The public debate on these subjects contains many different perspectives and arguments. Everybody seems (obligated) to have an opinion. We, the Islamic Student Association Amsterdam (ISA), find it important to go back to the core of the arguments in its historical background to enhance comprehension of, what seems to be, a complex debate. In doing so we would like to include another ââtrending topicââ: Islam and its perspective. During the event we will cover two main subjects. Firstly, our ââuntold historyââ. What contribution has Islam had in science and our current modern world? The middle ages are often described as âdark agesâ, but is this term also relevant for the middle ages of Islamic societies? The second and biggest part of our event will be about slavery. A term that recalls a dark and horrific past known for its humiliation of a specific group of people. Slavery in Islam, the history of it in America, Africa and the history of slavery in our own country The Netherlands will be covered to create awareness. We would like for students to familiarize themselves with the different perspectives to broaden their scope and engage in the public debate, hence we have invited great speakers with different backgrounds:

- Shaykh dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick pursued his study of Islam at the Islamic University of Madinah where he graduated and received an Ijaza from the College of Daâwah and Islamic Sciences. He later completed a Masters Degree and a Doctorate in African History at the University of Toronto in Canada. Presently he is a Senior Lecturer with the Islamic Institute of Toronto.
- Dr. Karwan Fatah-Black is assistant professor at the department of Social and Economic History of Leiden University. Over the years he has become an active participant in Dutch and international debates on historical globalization, the history of empire, colonialism and slavery. He is co-founder of the Leiden Slavery Studies Association and co-editor of the Journal of Global Slavery among other things.
- Prof. dr. Alex van Stipriaan is professor of Caribbean History at the History Department of Erasmus Universityâs School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC) at Rotterdam. He teaches courses on diversity in Dutch history and slavery in the Black Atlantic among other things. He was one of the founders of the National Monument to commemorate slavery as well as of the Slavery Institute NiNsee. He co-chairs the scientific advisory board of NiNsee.
- Mr. Joyce Overdijk-Francis studied both Law and Pharmacy and is vice-president of NiNsee, an organisation that strives to create awareness about the Dutch history in slavery and stimulates research about this subject. She is strategic senior adviser of multiple organizations like municipalities and founder of an anti-racism organization.

Our hosts for the evening will be Saoed Khadjé, founder and manager at Dar-al-âIlm, and Umair Bantvawala, teacher at Dar al-Fahm and speaker at Moslimjongeren Almere.

This event is open to all, please keep in mind our main objective is to create an opportunity of save environment for students to engage in an academic conversation. Therefore members of press are requested to announce their attendance at and introduce themselves during the event. Many thanks in advance for your cooperation.