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Citaat door yasirc:

Questioner: O Shaykh! Can we take knowledge from a person who has been censured (Jarh)?

Presenter: Sorry, what is your question?

Questioner: Can we take knowledge from him, O Shaykh?

Presenter: Ok. Who made Jarh (censure) of this person?

Questioner: Shaykh Rabi’, O Shaykh.
Presenter: Ok. Thank you very much, Saalim

Dear Shaykh, when a person informs a student – be he trustworthy or not – that so and so has been criticised (Jarh by the scholars), or that he is guilty of something which prevents people from taking knowledge from him, how can a student verify?

Mufti: By Allah, dear brother, often this issue is rooted in whims. Making Jarh on people (i.e. censuring them) and insulting them, is often accompanied with whims and personal grudges, and I do not like to speak about such issues.
Rather, I say: One should always hope for the best for the students. If we come across a mistake, we discuss it out if possible, or we ask about it those who we trust. But as for making Jarh on the people, condemning them, grouping them saying: He is not good and he is good; then much of it is based on whims; and to insult a Muslim is a sin, while respecting the honour of a Muslim is obligatory.

—- End of transcript

This shows the real motive behind Rabi’ al-Madkhali’s so-called ‘Jarh’ on his adversaries;

1) Whims and desires

2) personal issues

May we also add the 3rd and most obvious motive, 3) supporting the secularists tawagheet all over the world and literally being the devil’s advocates.

This explains why the Madkhalis continue to fall out amongst each other:

This explains why Rabi al-Madkhali fell out with Falih al-Harbi, and then Abul-Hasan al-Ma’rabi, and then Ali Hasan al-Halabi. This explains why the Birmingham rotten Madkhalis, the followers of the idiot Waheed Alam (known as Abu Khadeejah) fell out with Brixton Mosque, both of them considering each other deviants.

May Allah continue to split the ranks of the Mubtadi’a, ameen.

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Waarom niet?

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Citaat door AsalRifiyyah:
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Wa salaam aleykoum.
Wa 'alaykum as-Salaam ,

Ik zie daar geen bewijs - ik zie een opinie van iemand.

Het is niet eens een opinie die sense maakt. Hij zegt dat vrouwen geen Jarh en Ta'diel kunnen doen omdat ze menstrueren en kinderen krijgen............hoe is dat een bariere tot jarh en ta'deel?

Zeg dat maar tegen Shaykh Akram Nadwi...die Al-Muhadithaat schreef:

Hij schreef dat in 54 volumes (boek-delen) en niemand kon het printen........hij moest het verkorten tot 40 boeken, en nog steeds zijn er bijna geen prints.

Zoveel hadith geleerden hadden wij onder vrouwen. Grote fuqaha hadden onder vrouwen gestudeerd. Imam Dhahabi, Imam Sakhai en Ibn Hajar bijvoorbeeld.

Vrouwen moeten niet snel opgeven, alleen omdat mannen iets zeggen.

Kijk naar Aishah in hadith en je begrijpt alles.

Maar bedankt voor het delen, ik wist niet dat zo'n opiinie bestond, wallaahu A'alam,