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Women in islam & Refutation of some Common Misconceptions This book deals with the following questions and issues: State of women through the ages: Women in the Pre- Islamic Arab Society; Indian Society; Chinese Society; Greek Society; Roman Society; Traditional Jewish Society; Traditional Christian Society; Modern Secular Society Matters in which Men and Women are Equal in Islam: In basic humanity; In Application of Obligations; In rewards and punishments in this worldly life and the hereafter; In ownership and the freedom of financial transaction; In preserving the honor and nobility; In mandatory education; In bearing responsibility towards reforming the society. Women’s status and rights in various stages of life in the Muslim society: as a baby, child and young girl; as a sister; as a wife; as a mother; as kinsfolk and neighbor, and as a woman in general. Misconceptions about Women’s rights and obligations in Islam and their refutation: On polygamy; On leadership and responsibility; On the Marriage Contract and Guardianship; On wife beating; On honor killing; On divorce; On testimony; On inheritance; On blood money; On employment; On Hijab (covering head and face) TOC : (table of content = inhoudsopgave) - Foreword of Translator - Preface - Introduction - Demands about Women’s Rights - Status of Women throughout the Ages: Women in the Pre-Islamic Societies and Civilizations - Women’s Rights in Islam: in general, as children and daughters, as sisters, as wives, as mothers. - Care for Women in General, and the Equality of Men and Women in Islam, and their complementary nature to one another - Women as Children and Daughters - Women as Wives - Women as Mothers - Women as Kinfolks and Neighbors - Misconceptions about Women in Islam - Polygamy in Islamo Power of Guardianship in the Marriage Contract - Financial and Moral Responsibilities of the Household - Wife Beating - Honor Killing - Power to Divorce is with Man - Women’s Rights of Inheritance - Blood Money - Testimony of Women - Travel Without Closely Related Male Escort - Women’s Right to Work - On Hijab (covering head & face) - Conclusion DOWNLOAD HIER :