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01-10-2004, 11:45

Citaat door SmoothOperator:
Wie o wie gebruikt weleens eten tijdens voorspel, zoals aardbeien, gesmolte chocolade enz...

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01-10-2004, 12:46

Citaat door SmoothOperator:
Wie o wie gebruikt weleens eten tijdens voorspel, zoals aardbeien, gesmolte chocolade enz...

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05-10-2004, 20:52
Slagroom op zn paal
Aardbeien door tongen
Nuttela smeren op zn penis
Honing op mijn borsten

opties zat

06-10-2004, 10:50
There are plenty of frozen treats that can enhance your sexual experience, as well as hers. Ice cubes, for instance, can be used for stimulation by inserting one into your mouth before giving her oral pleasure. Or, if you can't stand the coolness of the ice in your mouth for too long, why not just hold it in your hand and let the iced water drip onto her nipples and/or clitoris? Before long, she'll be begging you to heat her up with your body.

On the flip side, why not ask for some reciprocity? Let her take the ice cube into her hot mouth while she wraps it around your manhood. The simultaneous sensations of hot and cold will have an indescribable effect on your member (let alone your testes!).

Even kissing each other's mouths while you exchange the ice cube is incredibly kinky and exciting. Play around with it while it's in her mouth or hold it in your teeth and outline her lips and face with it. Sex is all about fun, and a little water never hurt anyone.

Everyone has heard of using whipped cream to add a little sweet to the treat, but there's more to this condiment than just simply placing it on her genitalia and licking it clean. Why not let her hold the bottle and place the cream wherever she wants you to lick her? It's a fun way to discover her erogenous zones, as well as how far she is willing to take this creamy delight.

Once again, for the men who want equal treatment, why not turn your member into a whipped cream heaven? If she likes dessert, then she'll love the treat you have in store for her. Or, if you enjoy having your nipples taunted and teased, place some cream on them and watch her turn into a wild tiger.

Not only can chocolate add some color to your sex lives, it is also believed that chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins, which provide a sense of pleasure or pain. Apparently, chocolate contains a natural substance that allegedly stimulates the same reaction in the body as the feeling of falling in love. So don't be shy; pour some chocolate syrup all over her anxious body and lick until there's no trace of chocolate anywhere - then start all over again!

If your lady absolutely loves chocolate, why not dip your stick in some and let her have a taste of Mr. Goodbar? You'd be surprised at how enjoyable fellatio can feel when a woman has the pleasure of devouring a chocolate-covered member.

If chocolate doesn't tempt your palate, then why not make like a bee and provide your lady with some honey? By using a squeeze bottle, you can make a path down her body leading to the end of a trail where you will ultimately spend most of your time. Although it can get quite sticky, what's wrong with being somewhat "glued" to someone who sexually intrigues you?

Until next time, don't be picky: get sticky! Bon appetit!

06-10-2004, 12:43

pussy eten is voor viezerikken .
verwen je wijf zonder pussy likken , anders bak je dr nix van .

06-10-2004, 21:50
KAARSVEEEEEEEEEEEEET, dat is pas lekker op je lichaam.........denk ik?!