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23-10-2002, 18:22
OKeej peepsz...plaats hier ALLE songteksten die je kent...en 2 da hataz...rechtsboven is een rood vakje met een wit kruisje...klik daarop...pleaze...aight...let's get this quest 4 lyrics started!!!!
Ik begin Met lyrics van Xzibit's nieuwe album "Man Vs Machine"...aight...

23-10-2002, 18:23

Artist: Xzibit f/ Nate Dogg
Album: Man vs Machine
Song: Multiply

I've beeeeen this way and I can't stop (ah)
Hands on the ball and I won't drop (no)
Half-assed rhymes that you can't watch (no)
It ain't cause I want to it's cause I got-ta
Get it Crip while the gettin is good
before the game is 10% skill and 90% Hollywood
I don't need that, I don't believe that
E'rybody gon' get hurt, if I do dirt
I flirt with the idea of quittin' the game
Nah!! I'ma evolve continue to change
It take brains, balls and backbones to get it on
and keep it on, we keepin it movin, to each his own
So I spit about it, whatever I feel about it
I'm just bein real about it; X get hot nigga forget about it
Speech don't failllll me now
Dedicated to the enemies and friends that hold me down

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]
(We) back on line (We) came to ride
(We) deal (We) stack (We) multiply
(We) stay on the grind (Until) we die
And back for mo', cause we can't get enough

Above the rest, accept no less
Go ahead, check the game, be my guest
Somethin brand new and heavy to get off my chest
Win time after time 'til there ain't none left
Hardhat, punch the clock, back to work
I'm bigger, stronger, faster, built to hurt
everybody and anybody who come to my party
like they ready to get roudy and touch somebody
Who's that nigga y'all came to see? "X!"
Often imitated, but cannot be, "X!"
What's next, collect respect like paychecks
Straight to the bank with my xxxxx and have safe sex
What do you believe in? I believe in
seizin the moment, livin and dyin to spit with a vengeance
Here for redemption - been around forever
Y'all cats were just too blind to listen


[Nate Dogg]
It ain't my fault.. we keep droppin hits
And you can't spit like this, so I'm takin yo' xxxxx
It ain't shit changed.. we gon' bang like this
And I'm drinkin this fifth, we still don't take no shit

I got a "Sixth Sense," that tells me you ain't worth six cents
I'm sick with my sixth sense
Whattup Doc? I'm gettin down to business
Crooked ass the cops to the Rampart district
Loose yourself in the music, move it or lose it
Abuse it, let's booze it, please don't confuse it with the
next man, it's the X Man rollin
Stand firm, solid as the ground I'm holdin
Make mine +Golden+, permanent +State+ issue
Stacked with the wealth that you can't take witchu
Long range missile, if we got issues
I'ma squeeze this shit and nobody gon' miss you
I'ma keep swingin 'til the medics come get you
We busy, stay off my line, you can't get through
Peep the design from the mastermind
Yo Dre, bring that shit back one more time!

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

23-10-2002, 18:24
Artist: Xzibit
Album: Man vs Machine
Song: Release Date

Yeah, today the big day

Been here four years, eleven months and twenty-nine hot ones
One more day and I'm a free man walkin
Leavin from behind these gates, I paid my debt to the state
And ever since they took the weights
Wasn't much for a nigga to do but start thinkin
Wishin I was back home drinkin every weekend
Remember like it's yesterday, eight-teen and ?
I can't remember the letters I just wrote a lot of them
Goin for a ride that I cannot stop
Set up shop in Cochran, connect the dots
And for those that don't know, thats the Pen-East to Fresno
Northeast to Baskersfield, xxxx "Let's Make a Deal"
Livin around niggaz who kill, right along with the niggaz who will
At the drop of a hat, sharpen up anything hard to stab you with that
Niggaz givin up the manhood they can't get back
It's a sick university, murder the cirriculum
Concrete campuses, I miss Los Angeles
More than that I'm missin my kids
Missin my turf, missin my xxxxx, what could be worse?
Shouldn't have asked that, called the xxxxx collect (It's Xzibit)
Some nigga picked up, wanted to break her neck
When kites slide up under your door, you slide them back
Cause when you pick em up and read em that's where you're at
And if you ain't rollin with that then watch your back
Level four right away, gettin hit the same day
Playin the price for the games you play
Never realize how precious time is til you give it away
Can't remember what a t-bone taste like
I stayed awake nights listening to the sounds of prison life
Motherxxxxers cryin, shanks gettin sharpened
Tacs gettin taced up, plottin and talkin
Sellin everything from weed to blow
When it's time for you to go you're the last to know
niggaz holdin weight, essays got the power
Locked down, one shower every seventy-two hours
? tuna, trigger happy sharpshooters
Waitin for the jump off, can't wait to thump off
Had to smash a nigga readin my shit
Tryin to intercept my outside and write my xxxxx
I seen niggaz sleep for weeks, get too weak
And then physically and mentally cannot compete
Find new shit to master, make the time move faster
Home sweet home, shipped off to Land Caster
Kept a low pro, close to home and I'm trippin
Time to catch up with all the shit that I been missin
Everybody runnin they mouth, pussy to count
Cause xxxxxes in Cali love niggaz thats freshed out
But some of these niggaz on swipe
Gettin out with the virus caught from the nigga he liked
xxxx that, when I touch back I got plans
If I can't rock the powder, rock the fans
Give my naked pictures away, shake some hands
Hope I never seen none of you motherxxxxers again
On all times take the long walk to the front gate
Dress out expandin shit, today my release date

[X] Alright my niggaz, I'm gone, see you in an ounce dog, woo!
[G] What's up nigga
[X] Yeah, what's up nigga
[G] Hey get in the car, my nigga, sup X?
Here goes ya motherxxxxin chain nigga
Lucky I didn't pawn that motherxxxxer
[X] Ha, yeah right
[G]Check it out dog, everybody know that you just got out
That shit was all on the radio
But dig it I got two strippin xxxxxes
just flew in from motherxxxxin Las Vegas
ready to get down and dirty, I got a pound of weed, got on the Hennessy
Everybody at the club waitin, what you wanna do?
[X] Take me to the motherxxxxin studio

23-10-2002, 18:29
Artist: Xzibit
Album: Man vs Machine
Song: Break Yourself

Last but not least we off the leash
The Art of War reach for your masterpiece
Feel the release from the phantom bangs you
Snatched off put you in a frame and hang you
Comin at you niggas from a different angle
Arch Angel choke hold and strangled
Kay Slay the game turn the tables
Get cables, I'm Kane you Abel
Start bullshit, conflicts, labels
Man handled, murder, mangled
Life support cut short we hold court
In the street make a nigga sleep six feet deep
xxxx piece bare back doggystyle
Cement ya feet and hold ya down
Throw you off the bridge and watch you drown
Last one to laugh its over now

We'll trade ya six and pancake ya loan
Break ya xxxxx and take ya doe
Shake ya Crys and take it whoa
Layin down the whole dance floor
(Break yourself right now)
Open bar free drinks this way
Walkin the West, possin the South
Coke can put these in ya mouth
Hands up jack the whole crowd
(Break yourself right now)

Break crash from ya ass so don't rush to bust
xxxxxes die, cry, and lust for us
Damn it feel good to be platinum plus
Don't xxxx wit us cuzz we dangerous
Hold fans like fiends on Angel Dust
Clean get aways I get out the cuffs
Coast like a sailor you xxxxin xxxxs
I done hand it hard to keep in touch
Don't pop the Crys I pop the clutch
Pop one to ya mouth cuzz you talk too much
Way in over ya head you get played
Left holdin the bag like John Forte
Built for this all work no play here to stay
The rest get blown away
Built for this all work no play here to stay
The rest get blown away


Neva seen heard felt befo
Wanna rumble wit us just start the show
Fill up the chamber let me go
Out of town before the shells hit the floor
Duck tape ski mask professional
xxxx y'all, y'all homosexual
Hangin on my dick like testicle
Pop you disappear, "Where did he go?"
Pop up some where in Mexico
Rotate relate respect the flow
Hospital bed you vegetable
Can't walk can't talk lettin you know
We hit the hardest ask ya ho, at my show
Seen her in the front row
To the back stage in there she blow
There she blew
Then send her back to you (hello)

[Hook] - 3X

23-10-2002, 18:31

Artist: Xzibit
Album: Man vs Machine
Song: Heart of Man

Ain't a damn thing promised to ya
Except livin your life, and dyin one day, I'm just bein honest to ya
It take a whole lot, just to get a little
Gettin caught up in the middle the answer to life's riddles
never, come that easy, but it was easy
to lead me, but it wasn't easy to see me
Get up off the block to the TV
And sell a couple million CD's, best believe me
You see these callouses on my soul?
Couldn't let hate and paralysis, take control
I pick you up when you down 'til I can't no mo'
My name sting in your mouth like canker sores
Been at war my whole life, sleepless nights
Endless fights, but still can't walk to the light
Cause my work ain't finished on earth, for what it's worth
From the cradle to the hearse, God and family first, for real

[Chorus: singer]
Somewhere in the heart of man (somewhere, within, somewhere)
There comes a time when he must understand (when he must understand)
The strong withstand, the weak will fall {xrepeatx}
Cause tomorrow may not come at all {xrepeatx}

Life ain't long, it's more like a snapshot
You can have the top, I live for the hop
Never take a day I'm breathin on this planet for granted
Time for change, time for growth, peace understandin
See but niggaz keep forcin my hand, disturbin my plans
Bringin out the soldier in a peaceful man
It's like tryin to build a house on sand; you never get
a solid foundation, one man can change the nation
Yo I put that on all creation; Haitian, Jamaican
African, Asian, Caucausian, Indian
Whatever your persuasion, this is the message
Time is of essence especially when you're countin your blessings
Lessons learned from the deepest of pain, it's not a game
Keep my name outta your mouth and I'ma keep it the same, ya dig?
It's a shame, graduated to the rap game
Only to find out crack and rap was the same thang, damn!!


Who got skill? Who got hustle?
Who got they family with 'em? Who pay for they muscle?
Yo it's all gon' come out in the wash, the lost angel
with dirty wings, bullets ricochet off my halo
I lay low for no one, I love my life
Ain't afraid of no hard work and sacrifice
Was born twice through the life of my seed
Makin sure he see a side of life, I was never able to see
Hittin home like "Ground Zero," move over now
Peace to the real heroes, still underground
I put it down for the homies that came that's hard in the paint
I'm livin proof it's never to late, you straight
Once in a while I go back to the main strip
And see the same niggaz still doin the same shit
And all I can do is increase the flow
Put it out, let it soak in, and hope they grow, c'mon

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

23-10-2002, 18:32
Can't you see?

You are the only one for me.

It's destiny

Here we go, here we go , here we go

Girl you know I love you

you know I always will

it's like forever in one day

it feels like time stood still

You know I will go

where you want to go

wanna feel you close to me

how could I know?

and I love you so


Can't you see?

you are the only one for me

it's you and me

baby it's like we're meant to be

it's destiny

Now I know I found you

I'll never walk away

trough the good and bad times

it's you that make me stay

You know I will go

where you want to go

wanne feel you close to me

how could I know?

I love you so

It's destiny

Here we go, here we go, here we go


It's destiny

23-10-2002, 18:32
Artist: Xzibit f/ Ras Kass, Saafir (Golden State Warriors)
Album: Man vs Machine
Song: Harder

Ah, I don't wanna hear shit
Get off ya motherxxxxing ass
It's right now, right now, right here
And we bringing it to you live, COME ON!
Golden state, what... come on, what xxxxx
New Shit! Ha, come on, yeah Ras Kass blaze that shit up
Xzibit, break it down slam it, jelly roll

[Ras Kass]
Show me a xxxxx and I'm a slay her like Sarah Michelle Gell-ie
Rap star, trash tellies blow up my sprint celly
Dare me, I tongue Halle Berry's belly
Show her a monster's ball, xxxx it you tell me
Platinum, heavy 22 inch perrelli's
Jelly, it gets so ugly it gets scary
Haters act like under-age hoes so what's really-
Can't xxxx wit y'all, paging R.Kelly (ooooohhh)
Oh, if the shoe fits buy a matching shirt
Ya nothing take ya face and attach dirt
Catch me and my niggas wit strick-9
Strictly constrict 9 triggas disfigure ya figure
Our figgas got bigger, niggas the same
Menace to society and y'all done made me Kane
Can't extort us faggot, you bust we bust
In God we trust but we paying at dusk, biatch!

Don't you think this shit is for fun (NO!)
Think before you reach for that Gun (Think!)
Look at all the shit that you started (yeah)
You bring heat but we bring it harder (sing!)
La la la la la la la la (Ha!)
La la la la la la la la (Sing!)
La la la la la la la la (yes)
La la la la la la la la (come on)

Yella, yizzel, shaft shizza-lean
xxxx what y'all talking about, this shit clean
That's why we filthy rich behind the scenes
Game spitters with helmets and shoulder pads on the hitters
Bullshit so far what this game sent
We here to burn it down open bar entertainment
Taking the work clipping the clientele on raw
Lactose intolerant but I still sell
Game enough to mash on the coach like Sprewell
Don't salt there hoes flows ain't got that sea smell
Overstand under surveillance, Ben Savage-
Can't come to the town terrorizing we been Laden
Been beat heavyweight beefs and went passage
Back to the blockmates and it's safe to unlock cakes
King sizzel makin' bank, shake the spizzle,
We don't make it drizzle we rain in the G-state

Don't you think this shit is for fun (NO!)
Think before you reach for that Gun (Think!)
Look at all the shit that you started (come one)
You bring heat but we bring it harder (now sing!)
La la la la la la la la (Sing!)
La la la la la la la la (Yeah!)
La la la la la la la la (Sing It!)
La la la la la la la la (yeah)

Feel the adrenaline, feel the rush
The effects of the compound the ammo dump
Doc Dre don't xxxx with punks
We all thump like Maximus, stop xxxxing with us
Take a ride inside the home of hands-on hip-hop
Speak what you believe and hope you don't get shot for it
Ghetto poets, show it if you got one
A hot one, with ass and rap like a shotgun
I can write to the sound of the sunset
Smith & Wesson, I use words as a weapon
Gun sling my dreams I rain supreme
And fiend for the next challenge, knocking you off balance
Look, I been through the worst, avoided the hearst (Survived!)
Starving to death and dying of thirst (alive!)
Here in the flesh, elope with the profoc-
The answer, the solution, the remedy, the anecdote

Don't you think this shit is for fun (NO!)
Think before you reach for that Gun (Think!)
Look at all the shit that you started (yeah)
You bring heat but we bring it harder (Now sing!)
La la la la la la la la (yes)
La la la la la la la la (Sing!)
La la la la la la la la (Ha)
La la la la la la la la (come on)

Bounce... Bounce... Bounce... Yeah... Golden State

23-10-2002, 18:34
Artist: Xzibit
Album: Man vs Machine
Song: Choke Me, Spank Me (Pull My Hair)

[Chorus: girl - repeat 4X]
Choke me, spank me, pull my hair

Cinnamon, with a taste of honey, it ain't funny
When she walk in the room, I can't help actin a fool
I know what she like, she act right
She act like she ain't gon' survive the night
without my dick all up in her ass, so quick, so fast
I see her twin towers and I'm ready to crash
Walk around naked witcha beautiful ass
Who the xxxx taught ya how to move that fast?
It took time to perfect the stroke, by any note
Maybe we really don't need to drink and smoke
And just try a new position, perfect your dick kissin
Bang on your G-spot 'til your (voice is missin)

[Interlude: Xzibit - repeat 2X]
I don't want to love, you
I just want to xxxx, you
You should bring your friends, through
I'll xxxx you and them, too


I work hard when I'm breakin your back, my lil' nyphomaniac
Suck it, swallow it, down the hatch
It ain't a game when she givin me brain, she doin her thang
I'm up all night but I never complain
I don't, waste no time with makeup lines
I just, look in her eyes and read the signs
A lot of dudes wanna pull on her arm
Cause her ass and titties light up a room like a major city
Just look how she fit in them jeans, it ain't fair
She get off too quick, when I pull on her hair
I'm the only nigga that can take you there
I ain't the only one xxxxin and I don't care!
She come through with a couple of friends, a couple bottles of gin
And then, that's where the party begins
And I'm the only nigga that's around for blocks
Baby get on top, and don't you stop!


I know you love the way I'm diggin it out
I know it's hard to talk with all this dick in your mouth
Menage-a-trois, for moi, let's figure this out
I drink your Hennesey fifth, let's work the shit out
She don't gotta cheat cause it's a waste of her time
She'll never find another dick that's bigger than mine
Hands and knees side by side, I hit from behind
Flip it up, givin a xxxx, we xxxx all night
Bottom line, when I straighten your spine
I'm gon' find spots that ain't been hit and blow your mind
Get in line, xxxxxes stay on the grind, cause I'm on mines
Redecorate your hips and lips and thighs
Ain't surprised you can be so pretty and be so nasty
Ass in the air like a pass to Grassi
It's a, thin line between hoes and women
And close my dick with a hat and change the linen


[Chorus] - repeat 2X

23-10-2002, 18:34
Let me hear you say
it's allright
cause tonight
your body next to mine
in my dreams
in my mind

on and on
the beat goes on
till the break of down
there's a fire burning
let the feeling take
of your body and soul
shout it out

i say yeah, baby
i say yeah, baby

i wanna make you mine
you're so xool
you're so fine
i wanna make you see
that we're 2
of a kind

on and on
the beat goes on
till the break of dawn
there's a fire burning
let the feeling take
of your body and soul
chout it out

i say yeah, baby
i say yeah, baby

23-10-2002, 18:35
Artist: Xzibit f/ Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg
Album: Man vs Machine
Song: Losin' Your Mind

[Xzibit (Snoop)]
Out of a crowd, picking em out (and what?)
Digging em out to kicking em out (and what?)
Surviving the game is what it's about (and what?)
I'm running this xxxxx, you running your mouth (then what?)
If I keep dropping heat this hard (what?)
The xxxxing devil gonna be out of a jar (and what?)
Rakim conversation with God (what?)
I'm so hard with a quad in the prison yard

Magic Johnson need to run for mayor
Lil Kim sold me some pussy, but I aint pay her
You can, hate me now or hate me later
I'm a instigator, (what?) a instigator
It's the, MVPs and SUVs
We don't, take no shit, take yo shit
Leave a, hole in ya face size on Grand Canyon
Head between ya knees, prepare for crash landing
Hand 'em out is not my style
You done, xxxxed up now but dont look down
We too, high up fo yo bricks to get to
See the skid marks from the shit I've been through
How that sound?, smack me around
Like the national death, nah it's not goin down
Speak ya mind but watch yo mouth
You big sis but no dollars, so that dont count (nigga!)

[Hook 1 - Xzibit (Dr Dre)]
Who wanna get involved with us?
Break down xxxxxes, ball with us
Hit a couple of corners, crawl with us
No matter how you bust, you aint hard as us
It's not, what you say, but how you spit it
It's not, what you got, but how you get it
Come on, Golden State done finally did it
(What made y'all think y'all could xxxx wit Xzibit?)

[Hook 2 - Snoop Dogg x2]
Lights, camera, action, show-time
We bust shit back in no time
Yo kind cant xxxx with my kind
You must be losin' yo mind

Lift off a mark, inhale exhaust
Can never come off soft, I cover the cost
Get lost in the sauce and the city niggas believe me
Pimping aint easy, fat meat be greasy
Hoes cant walk right, pigs never fly straight
What that West like, we rise like the birth rate
First taste of the future, we all hands on
Amputating Satan's last legs to stand on
Head strong re-match, dollar for dollar, bullet for bullet
Niggas dont want it, then dont pull it
Dont shoot it, mind polluted, deeply rooted
Cock back, ready to rock, time to do it

[Hook 1 - Xzibit (Dr Dre)]
Who wanna get involved with us?
Break down xxxxxes, ball with us
Hit a couple of corners, crawl with us
No matter how you bust, you aint hard as us
It's not, what you say, but how you spit it
It's not, what you got, but how you get it
Come on, Golden State done finally did it
(What made y'all think y'all could xxxx with Xzibit?)

[Xzibit (Snoop)]
Back for more, watch me score (with what?)
With any whore that wanna explore (with what?)
The ups the downs, the ins the outs (then what?)
Kicking that ass, dick in your mouth (so what?)
Piss on ya chest, and put it on tape (now what?)
Have all these xxxxxes calling it rape (and what?)
Slicker than that, so pump your brakes (and what?)
Indite it, fight it, settle the case (w-w-w-w-what?)

[Hook 1 - Xzibit (Dr Dre)]
Who wanna get involved with us?
Break down xxxxxes,ball with us
Hit a couple of corners, crawl with us
No matter how you bust, you aint hard as us
It's not, what you say, but how you spit it
It's not, what you got, but how you get it
Come on, Golden State done finally did it
(What made y'all think y'all could xxxx with Xzibit?)

[Hook 2 - Snoop Dogg x2]
Lights camera action, show-time
We bust shit back in no time
Yo kind cant xxxx with my kind
You must be losin' yo mind

23-10-2002, 18:36
Artist: Xzibit f/ M.O.P.
Album: Man vs Machine
Song: BK to LA

C'mon! Yeah, yeahhh (yeah) yeahhh, yeahhh
M.O.P.! Uhh (X to the Z)
Yeah baby, that's right, you know how we do it
One time, X, where you at my nigga?

I spread the hate, like Taliban records and tapes
Shoot five times to the sky, gimme some space
I got y'all, runnin in place, cut to the heart of the subject
(MASH OUT NIGGAZ!) Straight from the gutter you love it
Ain't nothin above it, we stomp y'all religiously
Watchin paper thugs tryin to hide behind the industry
From here to infinity, love thy enemy
Niggaz got the knowledge but don't know the chemistry
All inside your baseball hat and kneecaps
with baseball bats ('TIL FAME HIT YOU WITH THE MINI-MAC)
Full body black fatigues, lungs black from weed
In black limo tinted SUV's with Bill

[Billy Danze]
STILL (still) WORLD (world) FAMOUS
The underdogs of rap, back to claim this, the fact remain we're
heartless and painless, it's dangerous to strangers
that try to change us, knowin we're anxious to flame 'em

[Chorus 2X: Xzibit + M.O.P.]
[X] Huh, you want problems I'ma bring 'em to you
[B] We cockin them thangs
[X] Yeah, I got a song let me sing it to you
[B] We ready to bang
[X] Yeah, you talk impressive, you don't mean it do you?
[B] Watch where you aim
[F] Get lost in the game, get tossed in the flames, nigga

[Billy Danze]
You must wanna throw the towel in holmes, it's your man B.D.
From N.Y.C., the N.Y.G. (IT'S)
M.O.P., and X to the Z
is a friend of our family (YEAH MY NIGGA)
For you, counterfeit, wannabe hardcore players
I rub you under your face with single-edged razors
Cold street INTELLIGENCE, O.G.'s and REBEL MEN
Grip quick, cock squeeze and LEVEL MEN to SETTLE IT
(From L.A. to) B.K., from B.K. to (L.A.)
Persistant and insistant on doin it our way
Do you really wanna xxxx with Danze? (c'mon)
When he comin with them thugs in the van
Double clutch in his hands, my nigga

[Lil' Fame]
Make the world flame! Face the Fame-ster, part, Fame-ster
Y'all niggaz akin to God and gangsters
(YOU SEE IT!) It's the M dot, to the O dot, to the P
With X to the Z hot, what's happenin?


[Interlude 2X: Xzibit]
Hunt down, hurt, hang and hate the hater
Watch how you rise, fall and thank me later
Look in my eyes, I should not have to say it
Look alive, these streets is complicated

[Lil' Fame]
AOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! You got problems with us? Start poppin
I get in yo' chest like anthrax, vaccine couldn't stop it
Let's move on 'em (aoww) must move on 'em
Rush in, gun-bustin, black seven plus tools on 'em
Never snooze on 'em, I'm short, haven't got room for 'em
I send you to God with no shoes
CLUELESS! Real G's run this, we rule this
If you wanna get into some gangsta shit, let's do this
(YES SIR!) No question, no half-steppin
Streets is my profession, heat in my posession
Hollow-tips is the answer; look around you see the signs
say "NO SMOKIN" but our guns got cancer!

Yeah cause I'm not (I'm not) what you thought I was
Like my career was gon' fade like a xxxxin buzz
Raise the stakes high, I solidify
the grip that I keep on shit, GET OFF MY DICK!


{xrandom ad libs to fadex}

23-10-2002, 18:37
I knew I was being threatened
Do you think it's worth holding out'
I mean I've heard some pretty ugly things about those guys
Ugly stories

(electric guitar starts)
"Watch them flee.. watch them flee" xscratchesx
"Rap up" xscratchesx
"Watch them flee" xscratchesx
"Hip-Hop hits" xscratchesx
"And you do it like this"

(Mike Shinoda)
[Verse 1]
It's going down
The rhythm projects 'round the next sound
Reflects the complex hybrid dialect now
Detect the mesh of many elements compressed down
The melting pot of a super-futureesque style
The combination of a vocal caress
With lungs that gasp for breath
From emotional stress
With special effects
And a distorted collage
Carefully lodged between beats of rhythmic barrage

It's going down
The logical progression on a the timeline
The separation narrowed down to a fine line
To blur the edges so they blend together properly
Take you on an audible odyssey
Now it's going down

Put it down for the world to see you
DMX members defend angry
It's going down
Noboby in the world to see
That we milking the cow's and defend angry
It's going down

(Mike Shinoda)
[Verse 2]
Once again it is
Composed sentences all together venomous
The four elements of natural force
Projected daily through the sound of the source
Everybody on board with this blend
The sword with the pen

The mightiest is the weapons
Swinging right from the chin
The elevate of mental states
Long gone with the wind
To defend men for shoddy imitation pretends
It's going down
Stalence emulation readily
Trekking through the weaponry
Of the pure pedigree
Cleverly seeing through whatever is ahead of me
Whatever the weather be
We invent the steadily
It's going down to sub-terrestrial high
I rhyme regiment that's calling the shots
Execution of collaborative plots
Ready to bring the separation of style to a stop

It's going down
The logical progression on a the timeline
The separation narrowed down to a fine line
To blur the edges so they blend together properly
Take you on an audible odyssey
Now it's going down

Put it down for the world to see you
DMX members defend angry
It's going down
Noboby in the world to see
That we milking the cow's and defend angry
It's going down

"X-men 'bout to blast of world wide" xscratchesx
Yo it's request only xscratchesx
"X-men 'bout to blast of world wide" xscratchesx
It's built from scratch
Album in stores soon
"'Bout to blast off world wide" xscratchesx
"And you do it like this"

It's going down

Put it down for the world to see you
DMX members defend angry
It's going down
Noboby in the world to see
That we milking the cow's and defend angry
It's going down

23-10-2002, 18:38

What y'all thought y'all wasn't gon' see me?
I'm the Osirus of this shit
Wu-Tang is here forever, motherxxxxer
It's like this ninety-seven
Aight my niggaz and my niggarettes
Let's do it like this
I'ma rub your ass in the moonshine
Let's take it back to seventy-nine

[Inspectah Deck]
I bomb atomically, Socrates' philosophies
and hypothesis can't define how I be droppin these
mockeries, lyrically perform armed robbery
Flee with the lottery, possibly they spotted me
Battle-scarred shogun, explosion when my pen hits
tremendous, ultra-violet shine blind forensics
I inspect you, through the future see millenium
Killa B's sold fifty gold sixty platinum
Shacklin the masses with drastic rap tactics
Graphic displays melt the steel like blacksmiths
Black Wu jackets queen B's ease the guns in
Rumble with patrolmen, tear gas laced the function
Heads by the score take flight incite a war
Chicks hit the floor, diehard fans demand more
Behold the bold soldier, control the globe slowly
Proceeds to blow swingin swords like Shinobi
Stomp grounds and pound footprints in solid rock
Wu got it locked, performin live on your hottest block

[Method Man]
As the world turns, I spread like germs
Bless the globe with the pestilence, the hard-headed never learn
It's my testament to those burned
Play my position in the game of life, standin firm
on foreign land, jump the gun out the fryin pan, into the fire
Transform into the Ghostrider, a six-pack
and +A Streetcar Named Desire+, who got my back?
In the line of fire holdin back, what?
My peoples if you with me where the xxxx you at?
Niggaz is strapped, and they tryin to twist my beer cap
It's court adjourned, for the bad seed from bad sperm
Herb got my wig fried like a bad perm, what the blood
clot, we smoke pot, and blow spots
You wanna think twice, I think not
The Iron Lung ain't got ta tell you where it's coming from
Guns of Navarone, tearing up your battle zone
Rip through your slums

I twist darts from the heart, tried and true
Loop my voice on the LP, martini on the slang rocks
Certified chatterbox, vocabulary 'Donna talkin
Tell your story walkin
Take cover kid, what? Run for your brother, kid
Run for your team, and your six camp rhyme groupies
So I can squeeze with the advantage, and get wasted
My deadly notes reigns supreme
Your fort is basic compared to mine
Domino effect, arts and crafts
Paragraphs contain cyanide
Take a free ride on my dart, I got the fashion
catalogues for all y'all to all praise to the Gods

[Ol Dirty Bastard]
The saga continues
Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang

Olympic torch flaming, we burn so sweet
The thrill of victory, the agony, defeat
We crush slow, flamin deluxe slow
For, judgment day cometh, conquer, it's war
Allow us to escape, hell glow spinning bomb
Pocket full of shells out the sky, Golden Arms
Tune spit the shitty Mortal Kombat sound
The fateful step make, the blood stain the ground
A jungle junkie, vigilante tantrum
A death kiss, catwalk, squeeze another anthem
Hold it for ransom, tranquilized with anesthetics
My orchestra, graceful, music ballerinas
My music Sicily, rich California smell
An axekiller adventure, paint a picture well
I sing a song from Sing-Sing, sippin on ginseng
Righteous wax chaperone, rotating ring king

Watch for the wooden soldiers, C-Cypher-Punks couldn't hold us
A thousand men rushing in, not one nigga was sober
Perpendicular to the square, we stand bold like Flare
Escape from your Dragon's Lair, in particular
My beats travel like a vortex, through your spine
to the top of your cerebrum cortex
Make you feel like you bust a nut from raw sex
Enter through your right ventricle clog up your bloodstream
now terminal, like Grand Central Station
Program fat baselines, on Novation
Getting drunk like a xxxx, I'm duckin five-year probation

War of the masses, the outcome, disastrous
Many of the victim family save they ashes
A million names on walls engraved in plaques
Those who went back, received penalties for the axe
Another heart is torn as close ones mourn
Those who stray, niggaz get slayed on the song

[Masta Killa]
The track renders helpless and suffers from multiple stab wounds
and leaks sounds that's heard
ninety-three million miles away from came one
to represent the Nation, this is a gathering
of the masses that come to pay respects to the Wu-Tang Clan
As we engage in battle, the crowd now screams in rage
The high chief Jamel-I-Reef take the stage
Light is provided through sparks of energy
from the mind that travels in rhyme form
Givin sight to the blind
The dumb are mostly intrigued by the drum
Death only one can save self from
This relentless attack of the track spares none

[Ghostface Killah]
Yo! Yo! Yo, xxxx that, look at all these crab niggaz laid back
Lampin like them gray and black Puma's on my man's rack
Codeine was forced in your drink
You had a Navy Green salamander fiend, xxxxxes never heard you scream
You two-faces, scum of the slum, I got your whole body numb
Blowin like Shalamar in eighty-one
Sound convincin, thousand dollar court by convention
Hands, like Sonny Liston, get fly permission
Hold the xxxx up, I'll unfasten your wig, bad luck
I humiliate, separate the English from the Dutch
it's me, black nobled you Ali
Came in threes we like the Genovese, is that so?
Caesar needs the greens, it's Earth
Ninety-three million miles from the first
Rough turbulence, the waveburst, split the megahertz

Aiyyo that's amazing, gun in your mouth talk, verbal foul hawk
Connect thoughts to make my manchild walk
Swift notarizer, Wu-Tang, all up in the high-riser
New York Yank' visor world tranquilizer
Just a dosage, delegate my Clan with explosives
While, my pen blow lines ferocious
Mediterranean, see y'all, the number one draft pick
Tear down the beat God, then delegate the God to see God
The swift chancellor, flex, the white-gold tarantula
Track truck diesel, play the weed God, substantiala
Max mostly, undivided, then slide in, sickenin
Guaranteed, made em jump like Rod Strickland

23-10-2002, 18:39
Uh, feel me?
To all the women across the world, we can't diss y'all
We gotta love ya, that's real, uh

To all my ladies in lingerie, never underage, who stay gettin paid
Who like to take trips where the sun is shade
To my women who love to ball out
And spend all that money 'til ya fall out
I feel like a xxxx with a different xxxx game
with a different xxxx name, with a little xxxx fame
I'm loaded with cash, loaded with class, loaded with a lot of things
Even got a gat loaded for that ass
I love my mind, love my soul, love my body
I don't drink or smoke that's why I love my body
You might catch me chillin with a little short hottie
With a little piercin on her body
Yes, I get it poppin, 'specially overseas
Japenese girls even love my beats
They say, "Timbaland we love you
We love the dope things that you do"
Even in London they say, "Tim, we love ya"
They even call me things like wicked, and the f'n governer
That's why I can't forget y'all
That's why I had to make this roll call, uh

[Chorus - Tweet]
This here's for one and all
It's so good to feel all a y'all, oooh
Make that move and just ball out, oooh
Life's too short for some time out, oooh
This here's for one and all
It's so good to feel all a y'all, oooh
Make that move and just ball out, oooh
Life's too short for some time out, oooh

Back when shorty cherished the thing, yo' time was frequently saved
for us stoppin and whiskey poppin to the Marvin and Gaye
(Sonny, don't plan tomorrow but live for today)
(Sonny, here's a quarter for that groovy arcade)
From Cool J to Kane dawg, we changin the game
So graphic with thangs, Pac-Man ain't lookin the same
Haters, get more familiar who you robbin for change
Sebast', a.k.a. Tyler Durden's the name

Guess what people, it's the first of the month
Guess what people, I can do what I want
I can take, all my peoples on first class flights
I can buy all my homegirls lightning new bikes
I'm a don when it comes to just servin girls
I'm a don so that's why nobody's in my world
'Cause Timabaland's that cool cat
Aka Thomas Crown, don't forget that, uh


[Tweet] I'm just tryna' find what I need
Would I rather be smokin weed?
[Magoo] Live life to the fullest, drive cars, eat hot food
Live in a mansion next to Hanson
[T] I ain't forgot that I'm from yo' hood
I'm just tryna' be who you would
[M] Cause I hate the game, I hate the glory
I could be with y'all, it would be another story
[T] You don't know all the things I seen
More than fame and his naked greed
[M] They took my cash, take my name
Put it up in bright lights, I ain't got a damn right
[T] Think I'm chillin and livin large
Girl he's Mag not El DeBarge
[M] But I'm a be the man in charge in due time
All my P-Town folk gettin paid, bottom line

23-10-2002, 18:41
Artist: Xzibit f/ Eminem, Nate Dogg
Album: Man vs Machine
Song: My Name

This ain't beef man
I don't know what the xxxx to call it
But no beef
Whattup X?

I float like big spirit in this xxxxx I'm ghostly
Rush me, cause you ain't gonna live to roast me
I'd have my motherxxxxin ass kicked by Moby
if I let some xxxxx in the Can like 'Bis cop over me
to do war, and try to bring my crew back down
I'll never stoop, to that level, to do that now
I got a new cat, this time I'm pullin two gats out
With bullets, I finally got somethin to shoot at now

Let's see who got they city on lock
Let's see who got the better aim with the glock
Let's see who come out on top
Let's see who REALLY want they name in the streets
Let's see who wanna die the same time as me
and make ends meet
Now was I, blessed with a gift, or cursed with a curse?
I follow, hearse after hearse, with verse after verse
And I'll be damned if I let Billy dance Dupri
Or anybody swing an axe at my family tree, so now

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]
I love it when you niggaz be talkin, sayin my name
Seems like your mouth is not connected to your brain
Two-zero-zero-three, and shit, it ain't the same
Better have a strap my nigga, simple and plain
Put your nuts on the table, my nigga let's play the game
Hurt you so long, you'll be a-ddicted to pain
I don't wanna hear what you meant, do not explain
Right before you lay in your coffin, hoe say my name

Why do you hate me? (Hate me) I came from nothin
Blood sweat and tears, you did not create me
How can you doubt me? (Doubt me) You don't know shit about me
There'd be no West coast without me
Cut with the bullshit (Bullshit) I struggle for survival
And now you tryin to act like my rival?
Watch what you say partner, it's a small earth
Don't play games with your life nigga, it's not worth
all the pain (all the pain) all the agony (all the agony)
All the horror (all the horrow) all the tragedy (all the tragedy)
Put your hands up people, it's time to fight now
I beat holes in your chest, remain hostile
Threaten my life? (C'mon!) One day you'll understand
They say that pride is the sign of a foolish man
So who the xxxx?! (Who the xxxx?!) you think you talkin to
Live and direct in the flesh, I'm right in FRONT OF YOU!


I never really smashed on Jermaine's ass, Dre smashed him
Nobody ganged up 'til he came back and jacked him
I never really brought it to his ass, I tapped him
I coulda been like Treach, boom-bapped and slapped him
purple, for mimickin him with two rappin Urkels
I coulda snapped, took it past rap and hurt you
But I didn't, I kept it on wax and served you
I "Square Dance" cause I'm sick of rappin circles
around these clowns, stready tryin to call me out
It's like I'm listenin to motherxxxxin dogs meow
You'd probably do better tryin to come and stomp me out
You don't want it with rap, this is what I'm all about - c'mon
(I) No gangsta you ain't either
(Will) But I know that I spit "Ether"
(Not) I shit across your belly
(Lose) Show you I'm not R. Kelly
X, pass me the weed, I'ma put my ashes out on his ass
For the last time man.. {xscratchedx - "Watch your xxxxin mouth"}


For the last time man, I'm through

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