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27-09-2002, 19:56
I love my mom, I love my Dad
I love My brotha, he makes me mad
I hope for loving, dreams come true
I love to dedicate my love to you
I hate to be sad, I hate to cry
I don’t feel watching, Day gone by
Butwhen it’s night, and I see Stars
I then just hope, be where you are
Your my love, my shining star
Your the engine, that drives me far
Your the love, I never had
Your the one I longht for bad
And then you came, into my life
Mywonderful lady, my dear lovely
Wifey...This is the future
It’s a matter of time, that we shall be
together and you will bemine...

( To my love of my Dreams...M...)

27-09-2002, 19:57

plaatsen jullie dan ook wat...

27-09-2002, 20:02
Emotions of a Spider
When you in need
for a person
to cry
there will be meeh
cause I’ll be at ya side
maybe not there
but surely in here
By your heart
of a Spider
Not cold
but 2 near
Look around
in this world
and than you will see
Open your Eyes
My heart
will set
you Free...
By the heart of a Spider

27-09-2002, 20:10

with no hopes
and my will to live
barely a care in this world to me
I found a way
kidnapped and confined
within a system designed
to destroy the inncocent child that I use to be
it stripped me mentally naked
embarrassing as my mommas first born
did I deserve that kind of fate?
Was all that was happening to me
really written in the powerfull and Allmighty book of life?
I don't think so
My tears would soak the pages that I write upon
if I couldn't close the windows to my soul
and stand strong in the midst of these storms
Maybe my story is
in some way or another fimilar with yours
is that why this aint even a song
but yet you still.. you wanna here this once more
I play this everytime I wanna reflect from
which I've come from
to help me see were it is I'm trying to go
and even though grandpa and some family
left me some time ago
I still go by and sit on the front porch as if I dont even know
but I'm getting better
my mom
my brother...Anouar
man I got Mike and Refaya now
my homeboyz
and those that love me regardless...
Diary of a sinner
another entry
I guess i'll finish this tomorrow...

27-09-2002, 22:10

Origineel gepost door D@T KrAy-Z MoCrO

en toen........

laterZ :blauwkus:

27-09-2002, 22:17
damn boy U R in LOVE!! hiihih....he man toen je me een smsje stuurde was ik bezig met een proefwerk hahahah.....Mi boy mi lookoe 4 U....

27-09-2002, 23:25

Origineel gepost door Missrapster
damn boy U R in LOVE!! hiihih....he man toen je me een smsje stuurde was ik bezig met een proefwerk hahahah.....Mi boy mi lookoe 4 U....
hehehe...ik zat egt me dood te vervelen...droge les Filosofie...over Heraclitus en Parminedes...wie dat zijn...mag God weten...

27-09-2002, 23:27
hahhaha.....kschrok man.....dus ik zo keihard ff hoesten zodat niemand het hoort...iedereen meteen kijke,ik zou heb een droge keel.....hahaha

27-09-2002, 23:31
btw...ik heb je net toegevoegd op msn...onder een ander account...

28-09-2002, 10:23
Picture me in that casket
Blasted, never nobody knew how long the pain lasted
Keep my eyes tight I'm frightened
But I fights like Tyson when I'm playin this game of life
I'm losin longin to be enlightened
Absorb my mind state
Reduce the crime rate and take me out
When runnin toward the Allah I seen him fake me out
Shook me so from the mosque I played hooky
Listen to the words of a brother
The sick stutter
So ya better better get the get the bags ready
B'come a killa killa like Schagnetti
My brain's contaminated
Hella rotten, it wasn't me that killed you
Who was it, what was it
The affects of the mildew
My brains wilted
In my eyes the world is a bit tilted
Lord take me away before somebody else gets killed
Blood is getting spilled seriously
This is a letter to my homies I'll be missin
Allah told me to behold a pale horse but I didn't listen
It's hard man, my life is scarred man
I'm losin my mind so now it's time
Sincerely signed,

28-09-2002, 10:27
I made your life a livin hell with my infadelity
Remember you tellin me
All I give a damn about is my faith, my family and melodies
Shoulda left long time ago like Mary J. say
Just let it go like Ray J
I know your mama heard you yellin May Day
Spent my life tryin to R A to the P
You were sick of me always bein B to the R, O K to the E
There was nothing else left of me
I was a bum but you still wanted some
Through the rain, snow and thunder
Foul-ups, bleeps and blunders
But no man shall tear us under
Is what you said
Shoulda put multi bullets in my head
When you found that Killer Instinct was actually a game
And the events actually went on
This is a letter
To my homie, my friend who put up with me through eight
So now to take me really quickly's my fate
I'm sorry
For makin it hard I know you're scarred
I'm losin my mind so now it's time
Sincerely signed,

02-10-2002, 18:44
This goes out to, all the infants
in this cold world that was born addicted
And to all the poor and sick kids
Just remember these four words y'all - we gon' make it
The government keep on tryin to fool us
The system, keep on tryin to lose us
And all we can do is keep buyin computers
And we better do it all now before this economy goes down
We gotta hold our head, keep our pride
Though it hurts when I see people sleep outside
Little babies with no socks on, eatin popcorn
We all know what they moms and they pops on
Out goes the love when the drugs come
They never got nothing for Christmas, and most of them are Muslim
This is a jewel, a lot of us was them
This is a jewel, a lot of us was them...

02-10-2002, 18:47

To all my lockdown people keep your head in the sky
To my shot down people keep your head in the sky
I don't know if it's better to ride, or better to die
And that's why there's red in my eye
Cause people don't know what the reality is like
Either you make it out, or the terrible life
I don't wanna be a broke bastard
And everybody got somebody in they family with an alcohol addict
You work for minimum wage
I'ma get in the game, get shot or a bid in the cage
It's a risk I gotta take - and I'ma be the one
And even though I'm blessed with this gift
I gotta move cause the pain and the sickness gotta wait
I go extremely hard so why give up?
And I can breathe long as I keep my head up in the sky...

16-10-2002, 21:08
niemand reageert meer op mijn topic..

17-10-2002, 12:56
aaaaaah weet je waarom r niemand reageert???
we hebben er gewoon geen woorden voor.......ZO KAPOT MOEILIJK zijn jouw teksten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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