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  1. Please appreciate every small blessing you got from the Lord (Allah).
    Appreciate those eyes, ears, limbs, legs, hands that function perfectly without thinking too much.
    Appreciate your health, ability of speech and thinking. Not everyone is blessed with it.
    Appreciate the fact that you can choose what to eat every day. Some don't have the means to, eather financially or because of lack of health.
    Appreciate the people around you, some are alone and left after.
    Appreciate yourself, take care of yourself, love yourself, help yourself.
    Don't focus on small imperfections, because these imperfections are the things that make You UNIQUE.
  2. It looked too perfect, perfectly planned in my opinion, and just too perfect to be deserved. I still don't know the right definition for happiness, i though for several years and not long ago i though my conclusion was right. I have a new conlcusion now, that happiness does not exist because happiness is just a state of mind possible to be created at any time. I though once, that after pain rewards followed untill life slapped me on my face. I though too much, i dreamed too much, i hoped too much and now im waiting too much.
  3. blood-pumping organ has been broken, broken by no one than me.Hope is a basis to construct on, only when having the realistic means to, otherwise it becomes dangerous. Dangerous when mistaking an illusion for hope.
  4. Feeling like a small child, how lost would i be without Your presence. How scared would i be in this
    strange world without You. Don't leave me alone by myself..
  5. When reaching the highest level of imaan i can only ask You to help me keep myself on this leveland help me construct a wall to protect it untill my last day on this world. Help me meet You without regret and with me a beautiful record, a sign of my hard work. Because every sacrifice i make is only for You. Thank You for opening my eyes, giving me a better understandigof the reason of my existance and for Your guidance.(You=Allah)
  6. Realizing how insignificant dunya is in comparison to what is awaiting us..sigh..May Allah make our transfer to the other world easy and help us reach our potential in worshiping him and grant us succes
  7. I'm alright...yes..i'm feeling ok...Yes i have a heart..Step by step, reaching my goals
  8. Recuerdos...He soñado y me emocionado..
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North Africa
From Allah i came and surely to Allah i will return.
Islam, Sciences, Triple chocolate cookies, Korean
Trying to understand the complexity of the human being and the world in which we live.╰(⊡-⊡)و✎⮹ oh wait , and learning to deal with this complex soul of mine. (ง'̀-'́)ง


Patience is a way to earn the companionship of Allah.
And be Patient. Surely Allah is with those who are patient (QURAN 8:46).Only those who are patient shall receive their reward in full, without reckoning. (39:10)

~Not human ~

For eternal alone


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